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Find the True Causes of Chronic Illnesses that Other Physicians Overlook

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View patient histories and complaints, actual medical test results and treatment successes from the revolutionary patient-specific approach that uncovers the true underlying causes of chronic illnesses that most physicians can’t heal:

Arthritis • Hypertension • Diabetes • Fibromyalgia • Hot flashes Allergies • Osteoporosis • Anxiety • Cardiovascular disease

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"I have found your program to be superb, and extremely important. I have grown more as a practitioner through FMU than through any other educational program, and many pieces came together- for me as I learn from your scholars. So grateful to Dr. and Mrs. Grisanti, and all of you wonderful folks at FMU."

"Superb, and extremely important"

"Top notch quality and workmanship..."

Jonathan Cotter M.D.

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"What an amazing job Williams & Williams does on every project! Top notch quality and workmanship with a great price!"

"Top notch quality and workmanship..."

"Top notch quality and workmanship..."

Danielle G.

"Williams & Williams uses the utmost respect in how they treat the homeowner, and they constantly go above and beyond what is expected of them to make sure we are pleased. Their work is so above the ordinary that we’ve had many people in and outside of the industry comment that it’s not typical to see things built that way anymore."

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J. Smith

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When someone becomes sick, they rarely do so in a way that completely matches the textbooks. Rather than trying to find the proper label for the person's health condition, Functional Medicine identifies its complex mix of causes. For treatment, Functional Medicine utilizes the latest research findings on supplements, diet and other natural tools for restoring balance in the body's primary physiological processes.

FMU is a complete training center for Functional Medicine.

"FMU has provided insight to a whole new perspective on chronic health issues. It is the answer I have been looking for as a provider. I'm pleased with the format, the depth of the materials and the flexibility to work and learn concurrently. A program I highly endorse for other nurse practitioners and health care providers seeking a knowledge to truly help their patients.."

"The answer I have been looking for"

"Top notch quality and workmanship..."

Jennifer Rogers ANP
Kokomo IN

"My experience with FMU has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge into searching for the cause of disease and dysfunction and not just treat and chase symptoms. It has given me a valuable resource to assist me with searching for answers to the complex challenges faced by my patients."

"A valuable resource"

"Top notch quality and workmanship..."

Dr. Rick Dunlap

"The information that I have learned with FMU has given me a renewed purpose and passion to practice. I feel obligated to go out and help as many people possible who have fallen through the cracks. I feel very confident to take on cases that I would have definitely passed on due to the lack of knowledge. FMU's forensic approach to one's well-being is cutting edge."

"FMU's forensic approach to one's well-being is cutting edge"

"Top notch quality and workmanship..."

Phillip J. Fierro D.C

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